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A message from the President / CEO...

Welcome to our website.

Perhaps the reason you are browsing through our website is that you are interested in employment and immigration opportunities. Further, I would like to assume that you are surveying what assistance you can get if you commit yourself to this endeavor by way of your professional abilities. Or in some cases as I have personally seen many times, you might already be desperate for help. If I am right, then you have come to the right place on the web.

Our company has been servicing the Filipino-American community for the past decade and a half helping thousands of professionals and their families in their quest to gain the coveted resident status in the US by means of employment. The track record we have built slowly and steadily over the years is founded on the standards of professionalism and work ethic we have set for ourselves from the very beginning. Partly because of this, we have become the industry leader in employment services in this community. Most of our clients freely give profuse and sincere testimonials showing their appreciation of the work we have done for them. Our archives of thank you letters, some samples of which you can read on this website, can attest to this. This wonderful feeling of goodwill from thousands of real people living positive lives with their families over the years has been a real source of joy to us.

Year after year, we purposely take the time to celebrate our anniversary and show our appreciation to our clients. The growing roster of satisfied clients and the referrals these satisfied clients have sent our way have immeasurable value. Inspired by such overwhelming trust and confidence shown to us so expressively through many, genuine ways, we continue to draw our strength from the encouragement we get in doing battle with the problems posed by the foul competitive strategies that occasionally come our way from certain quarters. We choose not to dwell on this however and subscribe to the American way of turning lemons into lemonades and practicing the Christian way of turning the other cheek. We simply redirect our creative energies by reaffirming our commitment to the work that we do and redoubling our efforts to do what we do best in order to help more and more people achieve the American Dream. I know, without a doubt, that we will be able to continue to serve thousands more for many years to come.

The winds of change are blowing in American politics and world geopolitics. Immigration is now viewed in relation to security concerns. Are we going to be affected? In what ways? No one knows for certain. Experience has taught me however, that immigration laws and procedures are always in flux and no one really knows the shape of things to come. But in the face of change, we have become all the more adaptable and resilient, knowing fully well that what we do is good and positive.

More importantly, we take the time to thank God for the opportunity during this time to be in a position to help many people gain a foothold in this country and with prayers, perseverance, hard work and the passing of time, eventually realize our life’s goals. The truth is, as I have personally seen, in the course of observing so many lives changed, that in the right kind of soil and environment, the seeds of dreams which we are all born with and lie dormant in each of us can take root, gain sustenance and flourish beautifully beyond anyone’s imagination. For many people around the world, America provides that rare combination of soil and environment to help make their dreams come true.

God willing, the rest is up to you.

I believe Topnotch is simply an instrument — the conduit to help you do just that. What we do to help people who have the fire within them to change their lives for the better by way of employment-based immigration is something that I believe, goes to the positive side of the ledger of life.

Maraming salamat po!

Sol S. Aguilar



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